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At Keyworks we endeavour to offer a comprehensive fast and efficient locksmiths service to our commercial customers. We are happy to accept payment buy invoice and can offer substantial discounts for repeat and contract customers. We are a fully insured , VAT registered, Ltd company and as such we are a company you can trust to take care of your security needs.

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Master keying can be simply explained, you may have several locks that will all open under their own individual keys. You can also have a master key that will open all of these locks. This is a very basic description of what can be achieved with master keying. A master Suite can be built to cover whatever needs you may require allowing the controlling of access throughout any building.

We can offer a wide range of digital locks to cover any application for both external and internal doors both metal and wooden. The advantage of digital locks is that codes can be easily changed without locks needing to be replaced. Staff member can be given a code instead of a key.

The advantages of digital locks:

Mechanical and Digital Locks

Commercial Hardware

Ristricted Keys

Masterkeyed Locks nad Suits

We can offer a wide range of restricted key sections to suit all applications. A restricted key offers you the added security  that your key can only be cut by us and only with your authorization. It is actually illegal for another locksmith or key cutter to make a copy of a restricted key without express permission. Anyone can make copies of an open key section.

This allows our commercial customers to issue copies of keys to members of staff safe in the knowledge that these keys cannot be copied.